So I owe A LOT in student loans (6 figures) and have been busting my ASS since college to get the ball rolling on my finances. Monthly I have:

-cell phone payment

-car insurance payment

-car payment

-student loans


-credit card debt x2 cards

So this week it finally happened that I got the ball rolling. I worked my behind off this year in particular and got a HUGE HUGE bonus from my boss which allowed me to pay down ALL of my credit card debt, and some money I owed to the boyfriend for a flight. Then I put some money in the bank for savings and I'm finishing my taxes mega early so my refund can come in. I got a raise this year and started saving an extra 5% on my taxes, which is basically turning into a rainy day fund. That will probably go to starting my 401K (which sadly I haven't done) and then pay down my car.

You guys don't even know - I've been working so hard for this day to come - where I'm starting to push my head farther above water - and I'm so happy!! Wheeee